Thursday, February 6, 2014

face masks for frequent flyers (via trip styler)

something about face masks reminds me of teenage sleepovers---a time when i wore scrunchies, played truth or dare and watched girls just want to have fun with an oatmeal mask on my face. while i can still recite lines from the classic sarah jessica parker movie, i've matured and started incorporating masks into my weekly skincare routine in the hopes that i'll look as amazing as martha stewart does at age 72. the new york times recently published an article about her beauty regimen, which includes several face masks. they aren't only effective for detoxifying, firming or brightening your skin; they also boost hydration, which makes them the perfect travel companion.

trip styler tip: i'm a huge fan of "try before you buy". drop by your local beauty store and ask for a sample or two before committing to a mask. bonus: samples are perfectly sized for travel!

i suffered the harsh effects of recycled air and zero humidity while flying to europe last year. my face and lips were parched for days. i wish i knew then what i know now: you've got to prep and treat your skin for travel. that means applying a hydrating mask before, after and even during a long flight. hear me out before you call me crazy! many masks are invisible and can be left on the skin overnight, so there won't be any embarrassing episodes on board. plus you'll be the only one emerging from the flight looking dewy and glowy.

trip styler tip: don't forget to hydrate your lips on a long flight---i have friends who swear by malin+goetz's fragrance-free lip moisturizer. if the recycled plane air already got the best of you, steep a bag of green tea, pull it out and press it to your lips for several minutes. this trick totally works.

my top picks for hydrating gel or cream masks are origins drink up 10 minute mask, skoah hydradew mask and glamglow thirstymud hydrating treatment. PS. they all smell delicious! another style of hydrating mask is the sheet mask, which is huge in asia, where the biggest skincare trends are emerging these days. made of cotton and soaked in hydrating ingredients, these sheets are individually packaged mini facials. perfect for travel, but maybe not applying inflight unless the lights are out. my top picks are dr. jart+ water-full hydrogel mask, SK-II facial treatment mask and when essence mask.

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