Thursday, December 19, 2013

homeward bound :: weekender bags (via trip styler)

weekenders are the goldilocks of the bag world, sitting pretty between totes and carry-ons. they're juuust right for quick jaunts home for the holidays, cozy mountain retreats, or sunny escapes.

a good weekender bag is roomy enough for a few costume changes and rugged enough for a beating in the trunk or overhead compartment. look for features like handles and detachable shoulder strap, plenty of interior pockets and zipper closure. bonus points for water-repellant fabric, dark colours to hide dirt and leather that gets better with age.

travel in style this winter with any of the eight durable and design-forward weekend bags shown above at price points you'll love ... and love to hate.

top row: stephen kenn encounter collection travel duffle, WANT les essentiels de la vie hartsfield weekender tote, filson small duffle bag / middle row: JADEtribe maroc traveler, lo & sons the catalina, baggu weekend bag / bottom row: joshu + vela xl boat tote, clare vivier leather weekender

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