Friday, June 21, 2013

fashion friday :: the summer staple (via trip styler)

jean shorts cross the borders of fashion. they can be worn boho with a tank and kimono, classic with a white tee and a leather jacket, grunge with a half-tucked flannel shirt, or preppy with a blazer. styling is everything when it comes to cutoffs, and with so many look options, they're the perfect staple for summer travel.

styling tips
this season, look for a pair that's ripped and slightly high waisted, either cuffed or frayed. gentlemen: keep them long and slim. {short cutoffs on men are not cool! i can never erase the vision of a dad in short jean shorts strolling around town on the croatian coast. keep that look on your sailboat only, sir!}

in the same way that you wouldn't wear a loud necklace with big earrings, you should avoid wearing tiny cutoffs with a tiny top. balance out your leggy look with a more conservative top half. and don't forget to match your footwear to your look -- flat strappy sandals, mid-rise wedges, moccasins and sneakers work well with jean shorts. and if, like me, you wore wedge sneakers and booties all year long, there's no reason to stop now.

buy or DIY?
denim cutoffs are the perfect style for both the budget conscious and the big spender. if you decide to DIY, use jeans with little to no spandex, as they won't fray well and will cling to your thighs. for a flattering fit, instead of cutting the legs straight across, angle your cut so the inside seam is slightly lower. reduce, reuse, recycle, right?

trip styler tip: call me the modesty cop, but when your pocket linings are hanging out the bottom of your cutoffs, they're too short. often less is more ... but not with jean shorts.

(left to right)
j brand high rise shorts, zara high waist shorts, madewell high rise denim shorts, cheap monday short skin blue rinse [at vincent park], 6397 slouch short

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Friday, June 14, 2013

tastes like summer

there are some things awaken our senses to summer. for me, it's the smell of sunscreen, the sound of the ice cream truck and the taste of watermelon. with summer officially arriving next week, what better way to welcome the season than with watermelon popsicles? they're ridiculously delicious, dead simple and they taste like summer.

my mum's go-to warm-weather dessert was always homemade popsicles. my family's favourites were classic 80s flavours like limeade, orange juice, or raspberry yogurt. this christmas, i was given a zoku, which freezes popsicles in under 10 minutes. this could be the nostalgia talking, but it's truly magical and it has resuscitated my love for healthy, homemade popsicles.

i've made these for the past two weeks. it's probably time to try a new flavour [roasted banana? mexican chocolate? cantaloupe agave? pineapple sriracha?] but i thought i'd share this one first.

watermelon, mint & lime popsicles
  • 1/2 a small seedless watermelon or about 3 cups, chopped
  • 1/2 a lime, squeezed
  • 2-3 stems of mint leaves, torn up
  • 1/3 cup water

place watermelon, lime, mint and water into a blender. blend until frothy [but don't overblend]! pour into popsicle molds, freeze and enjoy. 

this recipe yielded 4 popsicles in my zoku, and i had just enough left over for a glass of watermelon juice -- just toss in a few ice cubes, re-blend and drink [or freeze lightly, stirring occasionally, for a summertime slushie]. you can use a good old fashioned popsicle mold as well; you'll just have to wait a little longer for your pops!

adults only...
these popsicles would be extra delicious with a splash of tequila if you're so inclined.

one more thing...
you'll want to make more of these because they're just that good, so buy extra ingredients :-)

food for thought...
our children will never experience the joy [and pain] of spitting watermelon seeds at their friends like we used to; they'll only know seedless watermelons. which, let's be honest, are not as good.