Friday, April 5, 2013

fashion friday :: cycle chic (via trip styler)

cycle chic 

i'm heading to amsterdam this month and recently a friend jokingly asked if i'd go to the red light district. i confess i hadn't even thought about it. when i think of amsterdam, i imagine stylish cyclists on dutch upright bikes with tulips in their baskets riding alongside picturesque canals. i suspect the same thing of copenhagen, and i refuse to think any differently until i'm proved wrong. part of this confidence comes from my faithful addiction to street style blogs and their sub genre, cycle chic blogs, birthed in copenhagen in 2007.

there's something magical about cycling in a bike-friendly city, smiling at passersby, having moments of fleeting flirtation at stoplights with fellow cyclists, all while getting in some light cardio. of course bike commuting is only magical until that moment it begins to downpour, you're splashed by passing cars, yelled at by impatient cyclists and you knock down a whole row of bikes while locking up your own. that's when you go inside for a heineken. speaking of dutch beer, i'll have to drink some and i'll have to go to the red light district. it would be disrespectful not to...right?!

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amsterdam cycle chic
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amsterdam cycle chic

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