Thursday, February 14, 2013

stylish snaps

over the past few years, i've almost exclusively used my iphone as my camera. whether using it to snap pics of recipes in magazines or gorgeous hawaiian sunsets or obnoxious latte art, i've neglected my digital SLR in favour of my apple device [which i hear you can also use for phone calls? probably just a crazy rumour, though].

lately, i've been wanting something better than an iphone but smaller than an SLR. good timing because there are tons of options on the market right now: medium-sized cameras with retro or holga toy camera styling. here are just a few of my favourites...

1. leica M9 hermes  2. leica X2 paul smith  3. pentax Q kit black  4. pentax Q10 zoom lens kit white  5. fuji X100S
6. fuji X10  7. fuji XF1

PS. i just had to post the first camera...but it costs $50,000, so unless you're married to a saudi prince, you're better off setting your sights on the rest of these stylish snappers!

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