Sunday, November 18, 2012


i bought my first pair of prescription glasses this week.

they're not my first pair of glasses; i like fashion way too much to let a little 20/20 vision stop me from wearing faux frames every once in a while. which, in my relatively conservative office, is apparently hilarious. glasses without a prescription? you crazy, gurrrl.

the sales people at every optical store i visited all said the same thing: "congratulations!" i felt like i was joining a club with a corneacopia of options {haaaa, sorry}.

trying on glasses is tricky. a pair may look good, but you have to tell the sales people that they're not you {without hurting their feelings}. you keep looking until you find a pair that makes you ... you, so that when you look in the mirror you'll recognize yourself. with all that in mind, it took me a few days. i ended up buying a pair of acetate frames by super by retrosuperfuture, an italian manufacturer whose sunglasses i've loved for years. 

in honour of my new supers, and to drag me away from this rainy late fall day and get me dreaming of sunshine and hot weather, here are a few fabulous sunglasses by super.

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GIAA said...

amazing options!