Thursday, November 8, 2012

shoes :: buy local

every week i pick up the alternative weekly to keep an eye on cultural events, local news and my guilty pleasure, the "i saw you" column. but let me tell you the best/worst thing about reading the paper: finding out about sales. you didn't know you needed that pair of fluevogs until you saw that full page ad about their sale with all the pretty shoes splashed across the page ... right? 

i've always appreciated fluevog and respected them as a local brand. their flagship store in gastown is one of my favourite retail spaces in the city. i even went to camp with john fluevog's kids. but i've never owned a pair; i always thought their men's shoes were stronger than their women's offerings, they were never really my style and their price point is definitely in the quality-over-quantity range. but recently, they've been creating some killer contemporary kicks on the women's side that are making me want to shop local ... and check out that sale i read about in the paper {which is the evening of nov 20th, btw - see you there?}.

see above for a few of my favourites, clockwise from top right: hannah $299, astern $399, malcolm $299, impel $245, cha cha $229, paglia $385, boogie woogie $255, notion $275, wizard $99

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