Sunday, November 18, 2012


i bought my first pair of prescription glasses this week.

they're not my first pair of glasses; i like fashion way too much to let a little 20/20 vision stop me from wearing faux frames every once in a while. which, in my relatively conservative office, is apparently hilarious. glasses without a prescription? you crazy, gurrrl.

the sales people at every optical store i visited all said the same thing: "congratulations!" i felt like i was joining a club with a corneacopia of options {haaaa, sorry}.

trying on glasses is tricky. a pair may look good, but you have to tell the sales people that they're not you {without hurting their feelings}. you keep looking until you find a pair that makes you ... you, so that when you look in the mirror you'll recognize yourself. with all that in mind, it took me a few days. i ended up buying a pair of acetate frames by super by retrosuperfuture, an italian manufacturer whose sunglasses i've loved for years. 

in honour of my new supers, and to drag me away from this rainy late fall day and get me dreaming of sunshine and hot weather, here are a few fabulous sunglasses by super.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

shoes :: buy local

every week i pick up the alternative weekly to keep an eye on cultural events, local news and my guilty pleasure, the "i saw you" column. but let me tell you the best/worst thing about reading the paper: finding out about sales. you didn't know you needed that pair of fluevogs until you saw that full page ad about their sale with all the pretty shoes splashed across the page ... right? 

i've always appreciated fluevog and respected them as a local brand. their flagship store in gastown is one of my favourite retail spaces in the city. i even went to camp with john fluevog's kids. but i've never owned a pair; i always thought their men's shoes were stronger than their women's offerings, they were never really my style and their price point is definitely in the quality-over-quantity range. but recently, they've been creating some killer contemporary kicks on the women's side that are making me want to shop local ... and check out that sale i read about in the paper {which is the evening of nov 20th, btw - see you there?}.

see above for a few of my favourites, clockwise from top right: hannah $299, astern $399, malcolm $299, impel $245, cha cha $229, paglia $385, boogie woogie $255, notion $275, wizard $99

Friday, November 2, 2012

fashion friday :: life's a beach (via trip styler)

my instagram feed has been filled with images of first snow this week from friends across the country. i imagine after a few mornings scraping their windshields, the novelty has worn off and those friends are already online bookmarking tropical destinations, hoping to swap their parkas for pareos and their boots for bikinis.

even on the west coast, i'm dreaming of trading my rain umbrella for a tiny drink umbrella, preferably in a coconut, at a swim-up bar, surrounded by surfers who speak very little english. before i get carried away with an ally mcbeal-style daydream, i must remind you that the perfect styles for your sunny getaway are on sale now. and it makes sense that if you buy the perfect sandals or swim trunks now, you'll just have to find somewhere to wear them soon...right?!

women (clockwise from top left)
rodebjer petite swimsuit {sale!}, we are handsome dutch frilled swimsuit {sale!}, heidi merrick carp tunic {sale!}, osborn sandalia black sandal {sale!}, miu miu plunge-front swimsuit, topshop chunky oversize sunglasses, target braided hat, madewell toe-strap boardwalk sandal, zimmermann frill rash guard {sale!}, lemlem bella patio dress

men (clockwise from middle)
Warriors of Radness coastal trunk {sale!}, wings + horns shorts {sale!}, filippa k t-shirt {sale!}, warriors of radness renegade pullover {sale!}

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