Tuesday, June 19, 2012

minted & boxed :: part 1

note: this post is part of a two-part series on monthly subscription services that deliver fun and fashionable goods straight to your door. kind of like the 2012 version of your dad's old time-life and columbia house subscriptions that your mum used to get angry at him for forgetting to cancel {or was that just at my house?}...

on a recent trip to palm springs, my friend katrina announced that she wanted/loved everything we saw that was mint coloured, from the fiat 500 to the j.crew beach tote. while i share her love for all things mint, this post is about a whole other kind of mint. 

beachmint is the parent company behind websites that carry products designed {read: approved} by celebrities and delivered monthly to your home. join jewelmint and choose jewelry designed by kate bosworth and stylist cher coulter, stylemint for t-shirts by the olsen twins, shoemint for shoes by rachel bilson and stylist nicole chavez and beautymint for skincare by jessica simpson and skin expert nerida joy. their newly launched sites include homemint for home goods by justin timberlake and interior designer estee stanley and intimint for lingerie by brooke burns-charvet. 

here's how it works: when you sign up, you create a profile based on your personal style and once all your credit card and mailing details are sorted, you either choose what you'd like to receive each month or the site selects something for you. if you want to skip a month, that's fine too {but you have to remember to opt out every month}. shoes are $80, jewelry and t-shirts are $30 and skincare, home goods and lingerie prices vary. unused returns are accepted for store credit {or refund with restocking fee}. all beachmint sites ship to the US, but only jewelmint, shoemint, stylemint and intimint ship to canada at this time.

here are a few cool products that are available right now...

here's what i think: i haven't joined these services, but i've heard from friends and other bloggers that the quality of the products is reasonably good. plus, it's fun to get things in the mail. the danger lies in forgetting to opt out every month and/or being sent things you don't want, need or love. furthermore, while shipping and returns are free in the US, they're not free in canada.  

PS. how much do i want the handcuff bracelets and rug pictured above? {spoiler alert: a lot} let me know if you've tried any of these services.