Wednesday, May 23, 2012

week·ly round·up #6

vancouver is such a tease, especially at this time of year. a few weeks ago i tried to make "the switch" to iced americanos, but i've been hopping back and forth between hot and cold ever since as the weather changes. thankfully, they're both so darn good at matchstick. see below for a new york magazine article on cold coffee vs. hot. speaking of new york, a kind neighbour dropped off a stack of issues at my door last week. which is why it's important to be nice to our neighbours. lesson of the week, y'all!

1. always hilarious blog of the week :: eject {kelly oxford}
2. coffee article of the week :: why does iced coffee cost more than hot?
3. most anticipated new show of the week :: girls
4. etsy shop of the week :: victory shop
5. album of the week :: the lumineers
6. video rental {download} of the week :: young adult
7. vancouver shop of the week :: the board of trade
8. solar eclipse photos of the week :: burning love los angeles
9. boyband news of the week :: backstreet's back all right
10. classic film of the week :: vertigo

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