Sunday, January 22, 2012

week·ly round·up #5

things always seem to get messy before they get better - both figuratively and literally. i often joke that i should be an unlicensed therapist, similar to jason schwartzman's unlicensed craigslist private eye  character on bored to death {RIP}. i think i'd call it "telling it like it is with heather". i'd be tough, but fair, and quite reasonably priced. plus, it would be the perfect excuse to buy a chaise lounge. you know "for my patients." if this whole production and writing thing doesn't work out, thank goodness i have a back-up plan, you guys!

i promise i didn't bring up the life is messy stuff to get you down; i was just thinking about how much i love compiling my week·ly round·up posts - they really cut down on the messiness that is my excessive number of open browser tabs. that's the problem with being a curious soul - a lot of open browser tabs. and a degree in journalism. and a desire to tell it like it is ... and get paid for it under the table. {any takers?} just kidding, let's get on to the roundup!

1. favourite blog of the week :: heart explosion by courtney lewis
2. brand new neighbourhood coffee shop of the week :: matchstick coffee
3. music mix of the week :: gotye's best of 2011
4. bon appétit travel guide of the week :: nashville: the coolest, tastiest city in the south
5. quirky & inspiring film of the week {psst. it's on netflix} :: tiny furniture
6. beautiful vancouver concert posters of the week :: everything is easy by lindsey hampton
7. creative motion graphics video of the week :: 29 ways to stay creative
8. pretty darn useful home & cooking ideas of the week :: 25 clever ideas
9. human portrait video of the week :: my friend maia
10. necklace obsession of the week :: verameat wishbone {available at vincent park}

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lisa cole said...

yep, tenoversix carries iacoli & mcacllister! love that shop.
and i have to say, tacos are up there on my list too!