Saturday, January 28, 2012

urban outfitters home

when am i too old to shop at urban outfitters?

that's a valid question, since they carry a lot of hipster crop tops and neon jammers. but i'm a rules-shmules kind of girl, so i say "never!" especially because they have great home items that don't all scream "college dorm!" or "first apartment!" they are, however, made for small spaces, and draw on mid-century design. furniture quality varies, so thoroughly read the online reviews or visit the nearest store with a home section {ie. three stores in seattle}.

here are a few of my favourites...

velvet tufted headboard {various colours} $349

zigzag curtain {various colours} $39 / zigzag duvet cover {various sizes} $69-99 / zigzag wood base dress form $300 / zigzag printed rug {various colours} $39-74 / zigzag shower curtain {various colours} $44 / ziggy chair $279

rocky mountains wall mural $140 / marquee alphabet light $179 / woven wall hanging $99 / marquee arrow light $199

ikat duvet cover {various colours} $79-99 / indigo ikat slipper chair $329 / reversible ikat pillow $44 / ikat rug {various colours} $59 / ayana storage bench {various colours} $299

vintage floor lamp {various colours} $119 / brimfield bookcase {various colours} $79 / coil side table {various colours} $79 / loop de loop side table {various colours} $49

madeline chair {various colours} $349 / mid-century sofa {various colours} $479 / mid-century rocker chair {various colours} $289 / night and day convertible sofa {various colours} $589

draper media console $199 / hairpin coffee table $129 / industrial rolling side table $99

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