Saturday, January 28, 2012

urban outfitters home

when am i too old to shop at urban outfitters?

that's a valid question, since they carry a lot of hipster crop tops and neon jammers. but i'm a rules-shmules kind of girl, so i say "never!" especially because they have great home items that don't all scream "college dorm!" or "first apartment!" they are, however, made for small spaces, and draw on mid-century design. furniture quality varies, so thoroughly read the online reviews or visit the nearest store with a home section {ie. three stores in seattle}.

here are a few of my favourites...

velvet tufted headboard {various colours} $349

zigzag curtain {various colours} $39 / zigzag duvet cover {various sizes} $69-99 / zigzag wood base dress form $300 / zigzag printed rug {various colours} $39-74 / zigzag shower curtain {various colours} $44 / ziggy chair $279

rocky mountains wall mural $140 / marquee alphabet light $179 / woven wall hanging $99 / marquee arrow light $199

ikat duvet cover {various colours} $79-99 / indigo ikat slipper chair $329 / reversible ikat pillow $44 / ikat rug {various colours} $59 / ayana storage bench {various colours} $299

vintage floor lamp {various colours} $119 / brimfield bookcase {various colours} $79 / coil side table {various colours} $79 / loop de loop side table {various colours} $49

madeline chair {various colours} $349 / mid-century sofa {various colours} $479 / mid-century rocker chair {various colours} $289 / night and day convertible sofa {various colours} $589

draper media console $199 / hairpin coffee table $129 / industrial rolling side table $99

Sunday, January 22, 2012

week·ly round·up #5

things always seem to get messy before they get better - both figuratively and literally. i often joke that i should be an unlicensed therapist, similar to jason schwartzman's unlicensed craigslist private eye  character on bored to death {RIP}. i think i'd call it "telling it like it is with heather". i'd be tough, but fair, and quite reasonably priced. plus, it would be the perfect excuse to buy a chaise lounge. you know "for my patients." if this whole production and writing thing doesn't work out, thank goodness i have a back-up plan, you guys!

i promise i didn't bring up the life is messy stuff to get you down; i was just thinking about how much i love compiling my week·ly round·up posts - they really cut down on the messiness that is my excessive number of open browser tabs. that's the problem with being a curious soul - a lot of open browser tabs. and a degree in journalism. and a desire to tell it like it is ... and get paid for it under the table. {any takers?} just kidding, let's get on to the roundup!

1. favourite blog of the week :: heart explosion by courtney lewis
2. brand new neighbourhood coffee shop of the week :: matchstick coffee
3. music mix of the week :: gotye's best of 2011
4. bon appĂ©tit travel guide of the week :: nashville: the coolest, tastiest city in the south
5. quirky & inspiring film of the week {psst. it's on netflix} :: tiny furniture
6. beautiful vancouver concert posters of the week :: everything is easy by lindsey hampton
7. creative motion graphics video of the week :: 29 ways to stay creative
8. pretty darn useful home & cooking ideas of the week :: 25 clever ideas
9. human portrait video of the week :: my friend maia
10. necklace obsession of the week :: verameat wishbone {available at vincent park}

Monday, January 16, 2012

music monday #13

i'm back like backstreet y'all! and what better way to kick off the new year than with music monday? is that, literally, music to your ears? speaking of the classic tune backstreet's back, it came up on my iphone at the gym the other morning and it put me in the best mood. mostly because i couldn't stop laughing. thanks heather's workout mix... you never disappoint me. maybe because i made you? but i digress. there will be no more talk about backstreet after this, except to encourage you to add it to your own workout playlist. you won't regret it. especially at 6am.

check out two {free!} albums i'm digging right now...

here are a few things i know about jessie baylin... she has the best leather jacket i've ever seen on stage. she also has a new record coming out tomorrow called little spark. she recently moved to nashville - a transition she writes about on her new album. she's married to nathan followill, the drummer-brother from kings of leon. her wedding photos were taken by one of my favourite photographers, tec petaja. she sang on the matt wertz track "back in june". she's been friends with scarlett johansson - who directed the upcoming music video for "hurry hurry" - since childhood. she co-wrote for her new album with another of my favourite nashville artists, thad cockrell. she's got a great blog. oh and she's wearing the aforementioned leather jacket on the cover of her new album.

{download or stream pleasure center EP here}
*to download, click the downward-facing arrow at the right edge of each track line

here are a few things i know about paper route... they also live in music city, usa. they've called themselves "the black sheep in nashville". their new album, the peace of wild things, will be out early this year. one of their songs was featured in the film 500 days of summer. they've toured with lights, owl city, paramore and passion pit. oh and they've been in my itunes library for a good six years.

{download or stream absence here}
*to download, provide your e-mail address & postal code, then check your inbox

PS. unlike every highrise building, i refuse to skip #13. thus, music monday #13, coming out mere days after friday the 13th. trivia: there are three friday the 13ths in 2012, and they're each 13 weeks apart. i bet that just improved your day. unless, of course, you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia - the fear of friday the 13th - in which case things just took a turn for the worse. but fear not! look on the bright side! i ask you what could be terrible about a day that birthed mary-kate and ashley olsen?

PPS. i know i said i wouldn't mention them again, but i lied. who was your favourite backstreet boy? it says so much about a person. confessing your favourite backstreet boy was the best personality identifier pre-sex and the city "i'm a carrie/samantha/charlotte/miranda" craze. let the record show: i was a brian. and a carrie.

[top photos via jessie baylin & andy barron]