Tuesday, October 18, 2011

week·ly round·up #4

i'm writing in my beloved neighbourhood coffee shop, which - not gonna lie - may have influenced my choice in apartment location. sometimes you just have to get out of the house to (a) be inspired and (b) get things done. i read a newspaper article yesterday that asked authors where they write. their answers spanned from harvard to their bedroom floor to a sugar shack in the woods {how very bon iver}. speaking of where people write, an article that created quite a fuss online last week suggested that writers whose "offices" are their local coffee shop buy something once an hour, which is a lot {here are a few good posts on the topic, if you're interested: malcolm gladwelllifehacker / hello giggles}. i'm sitting pretty at one french press coffee in an hour and change, and i'm feeling okay about it, in case the etiquette police are lurking.

speaking of places where we "do life", a favourite blog/source of inspiration of mine is the selby. i love connecting people with their spaces to get a better sense of them and their story, so to speak. the selby {aka photographer todd selby} features the homes and studios of creative people, focusing on objects in their space as opposed to the space as a whole. every post includes illustrations and a handwritten q&a with the subject(s). a post i love features colin tunstall, one of the owners of saturdays surf nyc {aka one of my favourite store/coffee shops in new york}. not only do i love his wallpaper, i love his answer to this question:
Q. what has coffee taught you?
A. it's like bacon to me...i can have it with anything.
on that glorious note, let's get to some other things i loved this week...

1. french album that even non-frenchies will love of the week :: blonde by coeur de pirate
2. pant rolling guide {for guys} of the week :: tame the roll
3. british super duet of the week :: up by james morrison & jessie j
4. exhaustive french press brewing guide of the week :: sprouted kitchen
5. recipe i'm dying to try of the week :: roasted tomato soup with broiled cheddar
6. gorgeous striped tote of the week :: clare vivier hot streak tote
7. interactive pop music video of the week :: keep your head up by andy grammer
8. super cool online shop {for gals & home} of the week :: beklina
9. american-made enthusiasts max wastler & joe gannon's tv demo of the week :: made right here
10. best darn flower shop blog of the week :: saipua brooklyn

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Beth McAlpine said...

Bekline now = what I want to wear everyday! How do you always know my favorite things?