Monday, September 19, 2011

music monday #12

one complaint i have about living in vancouver is that independent artists often skip playing here to avoid crossing the border. i've been to many shows in seattle, driven home at 1am and gone to work the next morning. the glamourous life of a music fan... it's not just vancouver; all west coasters could complain about the many bands who won't cross the great midwest divide. one place they will stop, however, is a small city in america's heartland: rock island, ill. this town on the illinois/iowa border is home to the country's largest weapons arsenal - and daytrotter.

daytrotter sessions are stripped-down recordings by artists who fall somewhere between established and up-and-coming. the sessions aren't over produced; they make you feel like you're listening in on an intimate house show. and the best part is that you can download the sessions for free.

here are 15 of my favourite daytrotter sessions, by date:
grace potter & the nocturnals / sept 13th 2011
the civil wars / aug 9th 2011
jill andrews / aug 10th 2011
andrew belle / jul 9th 2011
madi diaz / jun 23rd 2011
the head & the heart / jun 17 2011 
dawes / jun 7th 2011
raphael saadiq / may 3rd 2011
cults / oct 20th 2010
local natives / jul 26th 2010
the temper trap / may 17th 2010
william fitzsimmons / apr 8th 2010
mat kearney / oct 24th 2009
diane birch / may 21st 2009
bon iver / jul 21st 2008
*note: to get these free sessions, you must login and get the daytrotter download manager. it's easy and only takes a few minutes to set up. or you could just listen to them online. 

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