Monday, August 22, 2011

week·ly round·up #3

i'm an addict. 

a bookmark addict. 

it once got to the point where my safari browser was all "hey you, i'm going to delete your old bookmarks if you keep adding new ones," and i was all "oh yeah? i'm getting a new computer." i showed that browser. with 64 tabs open as i type, i might also be a digital hoarder {don't even get me started on my twitter favourites}. 

speaking of hoarding, i once considered working on the show animal hoarders, but i think it would have made me too sad. remember how sad we all were when oprah told us about puppy mills? 

speaking of puppy mills, grab a glass of vinho verde and have a peek through this week's links, full of music, video, food and blogs.

ps. if the city of portland passed me a note that said "do you like me? tick yes or no" i'd tick yes and probably find a way to incorporate a heart into my tick mark. stay tuned for a post about my recent trip back to the city of roses {and bearded boys on bicycles}. also coming up soon: more palm springs!

1. perfect {crisp & cheap} summer wine of the week :: vinho verde
2. band playing in a hotel room video of the week :: barcelona at the ace hotel portland
3. canadian blog discovery of the week :: beckerman bite plate
4. delightful song/crazy music video of the week :: baby by devendra banhart
5. prettiest darn food blog of the week :: honey & jam
6. tv series preview {starring my celebrity best friend crush rachel bilson} of the week :: hart of dixie
7. free summer pop song download of the week :: bone dry by a b & the sea
8. anti time-lapse video of the week :: brooklyn in extreme slow motion
9. delicious agua fresca recipe of the week :: watermelon mint agua fresca
10. food critic vs. restaurant gq article of the week :: diner for schmucks


Beth McAlpine said...

I want to drink Vino Vherde with you!!! Love this blog!

Jen said...

Hahaha! I almost laughed out loud when you wrote about what you'd do if Portland passed you a note. Can't wait to read that post!