Wednesday, August 10, 2011

palm springs living - shop & eat

part two :: shop & eat
trina turk residential / resale therapy / el gallito / native foods

have you ever noticed how when we describe our favourite cities, we always talk about the food? {yes, i just went there with the royal "we".} and what usually comes next, at least when i'm telling the story, is the shopping. when i'm not lying by the pool in the desert sun, riding a cruiser past gorgeous mid-century ranchers, or getting in touch with my inner hippie in joshua tree, i'm probably enjoying the air conditioned interiors of restaurants and boutiques. ain't no vacation like a palm springs vacation! here are two fun shops and two delicious {and affordable} restaurants, with photos from my most recent trip.
- future palm springs retiree {aka snowbird in training}

this store is a palm springs must-stop. unless of course you're not into a bright, colourful and amazingly curated shop filled with missoni towels, mid-century art, jonathan adler ceramics, trina turk pillows and other fabulous finds. trina turk residential is the designer's only home store, and it's located next to her original boutique, which, like the viceroy hotel, was designed by kelly wearstler.

shopping in the back room at resale therapy, conveniently located across the street from the parker hotel, makes you feel like you're in a movie montage where the two main characters try on silly clothes while dancing to an 80s song. i picked up a pair of round sunglasses, a pucci scarf and an elizabeth arden new york caftan. i wonder which fabulous palm springs ladies wore my new treasures? {note: resale therapy has moved. check their website for current location.}

history lesson
while she's famous for her cosmetics brand, elizabeth arden entered the fashion business in the 1940s. trivia time: one of her designers was none other than oscar de la renta. arden was born florence nightingale {no joke} in ontario, but reinvented herself with a more "glamorous" name, which she borrowed from an old business partner {elizabeth} and a tennyson poem {arden}. here's a little piece of inspiration: arden didn't achieve any success until her thirties. she went on to run one of the most successful brands in the world. oh, and she was briefly married to a prince, so that's something to aspire to. wink, wink.

palm springs isn't just chain restaurants and fine dining. the following restaurants are recent off-the-beaten-path discoveries, thanks to some poolside eavesdropping at the ace hotel and a little help from yelp. el gallito is located just east of palm springs in cathedral city, which appears to have all of the car dealerships in all of the desert. this kitschy-cute family-run restaurant is filled with locals who don't even need a menu to order, and rice and beans you'll devour! native foods is a vegan restaurant whose patio spills out into the courtyard of a strip mall. what it lacks in ambiance, it makes up for in lavender lemonade. holy hannah, i've been putting lavender in everything ever since. also, best sweet potato fries ever. you won't even miss eating meat, i tell you!

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trip styler said...

can't wait to visit in November to check out these spots, especially the vintage shop!

Beth McAlpine said...

Ok - I need to go back and I need a margarita!