Tuesday, July 12, 2011

week·ly round·up #2

"my life is family, dogs, clothes, food, and coffee. FFCCD. You'd think it was an html color code."

i've been leading my own version of a color code life lately, but i'd add a second {shortened} layer of color: BMBSB. sadly, the last three letters do not stand for my favourite boy band, since i missed their show this weekend. instead, my life is boxes, music, boxes, sunshine, boxes. that about sums up my move and my week. new neighborhood, same roommate {though to be clear, it's friends first, roommates second. if i didn't mention that, i'd get almond milk thrown in my face. i kid...}.

a friend called me a "woman of the world...wide web" this week. in the spirit of my new moniker, enjoy this week's links. and regarding the NKOTBSB shows this past weekend, i can't say i'm too disappointed i missed out based on the crowd i encountered pushing their way onto the eastbound train after the show. they were all f-bombs, boobs and layered white and black eyeliner. that said, how fun is this song?

1. summertime coffee brewing method of the week :: iced cold brew coffee
2. blogger-photographer collaboration of the week :: bri emery & angela kohler style column
3. free download cover of the week :: bon iver "i can't make you love me"
4. pretty blog discovery of the week :: colour my life
5. can't-stop-listening free download of the week :: brandi carlile sampler
6. long-anticipated tv show of the week :: project runway australia season 3
7. oh so LA/oh so coppola movie rental of the week :: somewhere
8. rabbit food inspiration of the week :: 101 simple salads (via nytimes)
9. can't-beieve-it's-real iphone accessory of the week :: iphone SLR mount
10. men's style blog of the week :: ben there, done that


Beth McAlpine said...

Can we get this cold-brewed coffee when I come up next please?!

heather mccloy said...

i have a chemex, coffee and ice. it's on, mcalpine.

tanya said...

heather - thanks for the very sweet facebook message! it was absolutely lovely getting to meet you in vancouver. love your blog!! will definitely be back. xx