Sunday, June 5, 2011

week·ly round·up #1

clickity-clack :: the sound of me walking in stilettos on a polished concrete floor or the sound of me clicking every link on the internet? it could very well be either, but it's most likely the latter. who wore it best? click it. ten biggest songs of the summer? click it. NSFW wardrobe malfunction? click it. the meaning of NSFW? click it.

not only am i click happy, but i also like to share. so get ready for a new {semi-regular} feature called week·ly round·up, where i link to some of the best things i read or saw online during the week. i say semi-regular just so i don't get your hopes up if i miss one here or there. this was one of my favourite things to post in my early days blogging on xanga. {xan-what now? whoa, memories.}

disclaimer :: these are links that i, for whatever reason, find fascinating, pretty, mysterious, helpful, etc. i can't promise you'll like everything. some things will be more for the ladies, some will swing both ways like the unisex bathroom in ally mcbeal and some will be more for the gents. let's do this!

1. album of the week by a band with an awesome name :: cults by cults
2. condiment of the week :: noble maple syrup (in vancouver at thomas haas & old faithful shop)
3. single of the week by one of my favourite live bands :: every teardrop is a waterfall by coldplay
4. gorgeous canadian blog rediscovery of the week :: fieldguided
5. restaurant substitutions policy controversy of the week :: gjelina vs. gordon ramsay
6. old sad song of the week :: keep me in your heart by warren zevon
7. perfect printed summer tote of the week :: berkeley tote by twelfth st by cynthia vincent
8. cute kid video of the week :: kid gives speech after learning to ride a bike
9. new appalling yet addicting bravo show of the week :: million dollar decorators
10. deeelightful celebrity blog of the week :: zooey's miscellany by zooey deschanel