Monday, May 16, 2011

music monday #11

artist:  mike edel 
album: the last of our mountains

victoria-based singer-songwriter mike edel is a treat to listen to and see live. i caught his show at the media club last month, and ever since his album has been on constant rotation in the apartment, in the car and on the ipod. we like it that much.

do yourself a favour and...
download a free track here.
stream the whole album [and buy it for $5] here.
watch a short video i iphoned of the show here.
see him live in bc and alberta next month here.

* * * * * * * * * *

artist:  middle brother 
album: middle brother

middle brother is a side-project band that brings together the lead singers of delta spirit, deer tick and dawes. their music is fun, their lyrics often humorous and a little irreverent, and their live show undoubtedly a party.

do yourself a favour and...
download a free track here.
watch a video from sxsw here.
download the album for $10 on itunes or here.

fredrik :: black fur :: free download here
brett dennen :: hard times :: listen here
mat kearney :: hey mama :: listen here
jessie j :: who you are live :: watch here
bootstraps :: fortyfive :: watch here
dawes :: if i wanted someone :: free download here

and finally...
this is a great mix i found via old faithful shop.

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The Anthology said...

Perfect! I'm in desperate need of new music. I'm going to download this as soon as I get home tonight.