Monday, February 14, 2011

music monday #10

are you a thing or experience person? i think i'm a little of both, but i lean more towards experience. isn't it better to create a memory and tell a story than have a possession? it reminds me of a line from eat, pray, love (yes - i'm going there) where she says: "wow, my whole life fits in a 12-foot square box, wow" and the storage facility guy says "you know how many times i hear that in a day? and most of them never come back for their whole life." wow.

my recent trip to portland was so quick because i had to make it back to vancouver for a show on saturday night. for christmas this year, my friend jenn and i gave each other concert tickets. i bought tickets for brooke fraser and she bought tickets for grace potter and the nocturnals. wow and wow. on stage, grace potter mentioned her friends dawes were playing later that night at another local venue. dawes in town? i love dawes. so after the show, jenn and i strolled on down to the media club and caught their show for a mere $16. yes please. i love a little spontaneity, especially when accompanied by good music.

free download #1 :: hot summer night
free download #2 :: apologies
[also available on itunes]
i really want a tambourine after seeing grace potter. she wore a caftan and sequined hot pants, and she alternated between the piano, guitar and tambourine, with a few dance breaks in between. i felt like i was living in the 1970s, and it was spectacular. here's a video from the show - don't even try to tell me you don't want to play the tambourine and hang out in laurel canyon after watching this. two whiskey sours, please, bartender.

free download #1 (w/ mailing list sign-up) :: when my time comes
free download #2 :: love is all i am
[also available on itunes]
i mentioned dawes in music monday #6 - for their contribution to the voice project where they covered edward sharpe and blake mills - and music monday #8. so here's something crazy... during their show in vancouver a fight broke out. keep in mind it was so-cal folk rock, and they were singing a song called "love is all i am". check out what happened after the flight, in one of the best moments of the night, on youtube. they're touring with the lovely brett dennen this spring. that will be a fantastic show... everyone needs a little california in their lives.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy st. valentine

i have a hot date on valentine's. it's been planned for over a month... with my dentist. don't cry for me, argentina. who doesn't like a gal with great teeth? i heard a story once about a guy in vancouver who makes reservations at all the best restaurants on valentine's day and then sells the reservations to less forward-thinking gentlemen at the last minute. swindler or genius? i'll let you decide.

speaking of planning for v-day, whether you're going to the dentist, going on a hot date, staying in and cuddling up with a movie or catching a reading of the vagina monologues, here are a few lovely things to get you in the spirit...

clockwise from top left: kate spade crystal kaleidioscope necklace $295, kate spade date night ring $55, smythson be mine leather notebook $60, paul smith love too wall hanging £1,585, chef's choice heart waffle iron $50, crate and barrel valentine tulip spatula $7, barefoot contessa red velvet cupcake and frosting mix $12, cath kidston heart paper garland £4, smythson leather heart keyfob $60, urban outfitters party banner $14, wild fox sequin heart top $248, urban outfitters heart in my hand whisk $12, village for like ever poster $tbd (at very top: valentino patent peep-toe couture pump $645)

 missed the snail mail cut-off? it's not too late to send an e-card!
there are tons of cute ones to choose from at kate spade.
if you like your cards a little sassier, click on over to someecards.

Monday, February 7, 2011

p-p-p-portland face

i ticked off one of my 2011 travel resolutions a couple weeks ago by finally driving down to portland, oregon.  it was getting a bit ridiculous, all this talk and no follow through. much like my two-day trip to paris 10 years ago, this two-night stay in the city of roses was way too short. it was amuse-bouche travel; just a taste to whet the appetite. speaking of appetite, portland should be called the city of food. and the city of cute boys in coffee shops, but that's another topic altogether.

unless you hit seattle traffic or border waits, portland is about five hours south of vancouver. seattle lies smack in the middle, and the emerald city is the perfect place to stop and stretch your legs - and go to madewell (when in rome!). you can also travel to portland via amtrak, which takes about eight hours, but you can watch a movie, drink american beer or sierra mist, and there's some pretty amazing people watching. plus you can bring your bike, and i've never seen a more bike-friendly city than portland. sidenote: you'd better be riding a vintage fixie or don't even bother. just kidding(ish). if you want to ride a mountain bike, that's cool ... about as cool as drinking starbucks in portland. zing.

we stayed at the jupiter hotel, a renovated motel in the east burnside neighbourhood, that's also home to the doug fir lounge, a great live music venue. i love the ace, conveniently located just across the bridge in the pearl district, but oh so sad, it was booked. ain't nobody gonna hold us down, so we drank stumptown coffee in the ace lobby and happy houred at clyde common - both of which i highly recommend. but more on that later. sidenote: both hotels are dog friendly, so we brought along nacho. side/sidenote: nacho got recognized on the streets of portland from his twitter. he's gone viral!

happy hour is a beautiful thing - especially at clyde common. and especially when followed by a late dinner at irving st kitchen. portland's big into beer, bourbon and charcuterie, along with their famous donuts (à la voodoo) and coffee culture (à la stumptown & coava). sidenote: voodoo does weddings. i've said it before and i'll say it again: donuts are the new cupcakes, y'all. and don't worry, you can work off the calories by walking or cycling alongside the willamette river.
[all photos by me, @tripstyler & @nate_fri]

endnote: if you haven't watched the new series portlandia on ifc, check out the clips on their website for much laughter. and if you want to go to portland, call me. i'll make myself available. we can do local, organic, fair trade portlandy things together.