Monday, January 24, 2011

there's something in the water :: palm springs weekend

there's a movie from the '60s that i'm dying to see called palm springs weekend (trailer here). college kids descend on palm springs for a wild spring break much to the chagrin of the chief of police, but not to his daughter (if you're picking up what i'm putting down). 

but maybe you're more of a '90s fan, in which case we can't forget the classic television event saved by the bell: palm springs weekend (watch it here), which i definitely watched tonight, since i own it on dvd. obviously. this was the two-episode arc where jessie's dad marries the aerobics instructor at his palm desert hotel, and jessie tries to sabotage the wedding. 

or maybe you liked your '90s television a little saucier, and you remember the beverly hills, 90210 episode, also called palm springs weekend (watch it here). that was the one where brenda and dylan plan to take it to the next level and donna rocks a classic betsey johnson daisy dress. obviously.  

:: now onto my palm springs weekend with beth & jenn ::


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