Monday, January 3, 2011

music monday #9

the first song i listened to in 2011 was auld lang syne by mariah carey. yup ... startin' things off with a bang. have you seen the music video? it's somethin' - especially when it kicks into high gear. i highly recommend it for a laugh. "happy new year, baby." [if you can't shake that image, see here for my favourite mariah song. from way back when mariah was on fi-ya.]

here are a few artists i've had on repeat over the past few weeks amongst a steady diet of christmas music. i've included some free downloads, since free is always good, especially after gift-giving and sale season!

new discovery from australia. she was on australian idol, but don't let that deter you...
free downloads: coin laundry / neopolitan dreams 
[coin laundry single available on itunes]

i've had their album for 10 years & recently started listening to it again. so good...
[album available on itunes]

lovin' their new album & the video for tighten up. watch for them on SNL this weekend...
music video: tighten up 
free downloads: tighten up (april 2010) / the go getter / never gonna give you up (#103)
[album available on itunes]

ps. did you see my iphone video of the little drummer boy from christmas eve? yes, i videod in church. and i wasn't the only one. he got a standing ovation. i hope it didn't go to his little four-year-old head...

[top sparkler photos via weheartit]

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Missy Mc said...

LOVE the black keys. that whole album is amazing and I was lucky enough to see them live last year. Amazing show.