Sunday, November 14, 2010

brand crush/band crush #1

brand :: madewell

madewell previewed their spring collection this week in new york, where they served donuts (like anyone needed any more reason to go). madewell is the casual, denim-centered, slightly less expensive little sister to re-ignited retail darling j.crew. besides growing to 19 stores and counting, madewell gained a little extra cred this year by partnering with uk it girl alexa chung. they ship to canada and the closest location to vancouver is seattle's uvillage, where i bought - and loves - my suede booties and elbow patch cardy.

according to creative director kin ying lee, the ideal madewell girl "is very savvy, she's very worldly. she reads the blogs...she's pushing for newness, but we're not taking her away from her comfort level." look out for lots of layering, mixed prints, pleats and a little boyfriend and nautical tossed in here and there. the inspiration for spring 2011? "we're absolutely in love with street style in new york."

fittingly, school of seven bells (sviib) is a new york band, whose dreamy indie pop music makes perfect background music. they were originally a trio, comprised of benjamin curtis and twins alejandra and claudia deheza, but claudia left the band last month, which is unfortunate because their music has the most beautiful harmonies. the perfect music to pop on your ipod and then stroll on down to the closest madewell store. or donut shop. (oh ok...or play in your itunes and then visit - and...add to cart).

download #1 - I L U / download #2 - heart is strange / download #3 - connjur*
(*originally posted in music monday #3)


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Beth McAlpine said...

Ok - when are we going to Seattle next? Hi-Spot & Madewell roadtrip sounds like bliss!