Tuesday, October 12, 2010

music monday #8

lord knows i love a little katy perry in the summertime, but one thing i love about fall is all the new music. stream and download the songs below (almost all available on itunes), get in your car, find a country or coastal road and let the music (music, music) get down in your soul...

[due to canadian thanksgiving, music monday is appearing on tuesday. it goes very nicely with turkey sandwiches.]

jessie baylin  //  brooke fraser
hurry, hurry  // something in the water

eliza doolittle  //  the real efforts of real people
skinny genes  //  ink and tight jeans

the mynabirds  //  dan black
numbers don't lie  //  symphonies

king charles  // dawes
love lust  // when my time comes

shoutout to the lovely oliver & lilly's and their stuck in our head sundays for introducing me to eliza doolittle and king charles - keep 'em coming leighann :-)

speaking of katy perry, don't you think california gurls vs. tik tok is the new halo vs. already gone? the same darn songs! seriously, have a listen.


Elise / Pennyweight said...

Oooh lots of new introductions for me!! Can't wait to check them out. I've been wanting to get the Brooke Fraser record!

The Anthology said...

Yay! Thanks for posting these -- can't wait to check out new music.