Tuesday, August 17, 2010

octopus balls and other suburban delights

how have i never visited the richmond night market before now? it's bananas! (and yes, they serve delicious deep fried bananas!) where else can you listen to teen korean rap, get your cell phone unlocked, eat octopus balls and buy a sword? it's fun to go with friends or on a first date - you can eat exotic foods, they can buy you stuff... i mean, right?!

here are a few things that caught my eye...
britney spears stickers circa 1999 / fake ramen piggy banks / "sexty check pattern" leggings (though the market is a legitimately good place to buy cheap leggings)

live and taxidermied reptiles and other attractive animals ;-)

is that sean lennon on those t-shirts?! / jenn bought a $10 hoodie that says: "superior quality for ideal pleasure." yup...

go hungry - there's a ton of awesome food to sample, all around $1-$5 each...
the octopus balls (which i learned aren't actual octopus balls, just seafood balls that include octopus!) / spicy lamb kabobs

korean fish-shaped custard-filled waffles / korean shaved ice with fruit and mango ice cream / rice burgers (yum!)

the market is open friday to sunday, 7 til midnight, and is located just north of the richmond ikea. there's no charge to enter, and free street parking is available if you're down with a 10-min walk from east or west. note: there's a night market in chinatown as well.

* check out missy's rundown of the evening on gillianyoung.com *

Monday, August 16, 2010


clotheshorse :: [a] a person excessively or obsessively interested in clothes, often to a humorous extent; [b] a frame upon which clothes are hung after washing to enable them to dry.

there's no such thing as a "sure thing" in life or in fashion; you can't trust a brand you love to make gorgeous clothes 100% of the time. a couple weeks ago i posted about the gorgeous fall 2010 collection by leifsdottir, but as i was browsing anthropologie yesterday, i came across the $328 leifsdottir sweater shown below. i can't imagine anyone wearing this, unless they're a children's entertainer with money to burn or the town eccentric. what's that expression about beating a dead horse? i think i'd prefer to beat this sweater...

doesn't it remind you of a hobby horse? in fact, i have a crafty & budget-conscious DIY idea:
sweater - lands' end $69.50 / hobby horse - brookite $23.50 / total = $93 / savings = $235 USD

speaking of horses, did you see the "caped crusader" spread in august vogue? fall makes me think of boots, falling leaves and pumpkin lattes. i guess it makes vogue editors think of capes and horses. (ooh, capes!)
(more images here)

i'm not much of a horse person - the last time i rode a horse was possibly 20 years ago - but i can't deny their beauty. i recently read that cindy crawford and aurélie claudel both started modeling to make enough money to buy a horse. little did they know... horses come with the job description - especially if you book a job with vogue or harper's bazaar:
(top collage by me / photos via weheartit; bottom collage by me / photos via thefashionspot)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

hands-free handbags (part 2)

"i love anything that keeps my hands free." - donna karan

cross body bags are perfect for riding bicycles. i should start a new blog called "handbags and bicycles" i love them both so much. speaking of, today's the day i buy my new bike. how environmentally responsible of me. and it's only taken me two months to choose one! [sarcasm] sometimes there is such a thing as over researching. oh well, at least i put that journalism degree to use by investigating the cutest bike at the lowest price. or at least i think i did... oh dear.

clockwise from left: anthropologie uber-urbane bag $290 / lucky back in the saddle $149 / rebecca minkoff foldover buckle cross body bag $395 / topshop hard leather shoulder bag $80 / marni leather cross-body bag $995 / topshop small leather pattern bag $70 / what goes around comes around vintage stitched hippie bag $178

clockwise from left: alexander wang diego bucket bag $825 / topshop leather pouch cross body bag $55 / olivia harris mini drawstring leather bag $255 / deux lux cross body pouch $48

clockwise from left: hobo international vintage rina crossbody bag $79 / see by chloe rodas bow flap crossbody bag $320 / anthropologie knotted satchel $78 / en shalla fringe bag $295 / rebecca minkoff stud rocker $330
[top photos found on we heart it]

Friday, August 6, 2010

hands-free handbags (part 1)

i'll never forget my first.

it was a brown leather betsey johnson hobo and i still adore it five years later (pictured above).

purchasing it, unfortunately, was a nightmare. i was in san francisco, butterflies in my stomach over my purchase, and my card was denied thanks to the SUPER employees at my hotel, who put a hold on my credit card for the full room amount. (sidebar: when i went to complain, the desk agent told me: "well, i'd apologize, but i'm not the one who did it, so..." hotel adagio: great location, great style, horrendous service.) the staff at betsey, however, were lovely and put it on hold for me back in vancouver. success!

i have a self-professed designer handbag addiction (in moderation!) and i'm a huge fan of the cross body bag, which just happens to be everywhere right now. fancy that!

here are a few lovelies at various price points / in various styles / for various needs...

clockwise from left: deena & ozzy pony purse $48 / foley & corinna disco city leopard $215 / rebecca minkoff mac croc embossed clutch $330 / topshop leopard tassel cross body bag $60 / see by chloe leopard-print leather clutch $360

clockwise from left: asos leather slot through satchel $110 / proenza schouler PS1 medium $1,595 / mulberry alexa oak soft buffalo $1,150

clockwise from left: marc jacobs paradise kate messenger bag $950 / street level 78214 $60 / marc by marc jacobs petal to the metal flap $228 / linea pelle dylan messenger $385 / opelle ballet bag $206 / rebecca minkoff rocker crossbody mini bag $195 / valhalla brooklyn alberta bag $265

[check back later this weekend for part two]