Monday, July 19, 2010

music monday #6

confession: i went to a jessica simpson concert. it was during her newlyweds/chicken of the sea 15 minutes of fame, and i got free box seats. her opening act was ryan cabrera - aka. spiky haired pop singer ex-boyfriend to ashley simpson and audrina patridge - and i remember thinking he and his guitar were dreamy. but then, that wasn't long after i was into o-town and defended their song liquid dreams for being about water. but i digress... i had such high hopes for jessica's better-than-britney vocal chops, but she was terrible. she lip synched most of the show and she did a tribute to the US troops. in vancouver.

it used to be that you had to go to a concert to see what a singer or band is really made of, but thanks to the internet, we can watch live concert footage and exclusive sets online. just think, i could have avoided the jessica simpson fiasco! (except who am i to turn down free pop music and a sushi platter? i'd still accept a free ticket to go see her in all her high-waisted denim country glory today)

here are a few websites that feature online exclusive shows with great musicians. they're like the musical equivalent of an afternoon tea and cookies break.

so settle in and stay awhile... and i promise: no jessica simpson, ryan cabrera or o-town.

the voice project

* peter gabriel
* bedouin soundclash
* gary go
* priscilla ahn
* dawes
* steel train
* brett dennen

- free mp3 remix of "home" by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros with the gulu women's choir

- did you know that edward sharpe accordion player nora kirkpatrick also appears on the abc family series greek? i've compared her two polar opposite looks here


Coury Combs said...

I wouldn't complain about an otown mp3. haha. :)

the bag is topshop but it's not the proenza ripoff one. there was another one with the longer straps.


trip styler said...

i loved that concert. it was fun. and you should be glad i took you see jess :)

heather mccloy said...


i always love seeing shows. even pop music! speaking of, the backstreet boys are coming to town...