Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fashion finnish

leifsdottir is urban outfitters inc's newly launched wholesale lifestyle concept brand designed by anthropologie's design director/finland native johanna uurasjarvi. the line, whose name means "daughter of leif", is romantic, feminine and old worldy, but with modern touches. leifsdottir has been available in anthropologie stores for a couple years, but has recently expanded to nordstrom, saks fifth avenue, bloomingdales, neiman marcus, bergdorf goodman, bluefly and holt renfrew in canada. shoes and handbags coming in 2011!

here are a few of my favourite pieces...



louisiane skirt (sale) $94.95 // kerala suede blazer (sale) $199 // acadiana ruffle skirt (sale) $99.95

shibori silk dress (sale) $149 // paseo ruffled skirt $448 // jubilant blouse (sale) $99.95

*update on the anthropologie in vancouver situation: lord knows i love anthropologie, which currently has stores in toronto and edmonton, plus calgary opening in the fall. apparently they've been scouting in vancouver for the past year, but still no word. fingers crossed for vancouver 2011!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

music monday #7

i've got good news and bad news. the bad news is that this week's music monday is on a tuesday (oops), but the good news is that it's all free downloads. if you follow music monday, you may have guessed by now that i have eclectic taste. i won't be put in a box! (sometimes i am so difficult.) so here's a little something for everyone...

jenny and johnny   //   thad cockrell
scissor runner   //   to be loved (EP)
big wave   //   * two-week free (or tip) download

doom and gloom   //   ben rector
the big one (demo)   //   summer singles coming soon (EP)
victory laps and crashes (demo)   //   * buy his new EP "summer candy" on itunes

delta spirit   //   kid cudi, best coast, rostam
golden state   //   all summer

♥   happy monday tuesday ;-)   

bonus: listen to "point me at lost islands" from tired pony (aka. members of belle & sebastian, REM, snow patrol w/ zooey deschanel) here. *you can probably search and download it free here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

music monday #6

confession: i went to a jessica simpson concert. it was during her newlyweds/chicken of the sea 15 minutes of fame, and i got free box seats. her opening act was ryan cabrera - aka. spiky haired pop singer ex-boyfriend to ashley simpson and audrina patridge - and i remember thinking he and his guitar were dreamy. but then, that wasn't long after i was into o-town and defended their song liquid dreams for being about water. but i digress... i had such high hopes for jessica's better-than-britney vocal chops, but she was terrible. she lip synched most of the show and she did a tribute to the US troops. in vancouver.

it used to be that you had to go to a concert to see what a singer or band is really made of, but thanks to the internet, we can watch live concert footage and exclusive sets online. just think, i could have avoided the jessica simpson fiasco! (except who am i to turn down free pop music and a sushi platter? i'd still accept a free ticket to go see her in all her high-waisted denim country glory today)

here are a few websites that feature online exclusive shows with great musicians. they're like the musical equivalent of an afternoon tea and cookies break.

so settle in and stay awhile... and i promise: no jessica simpson, ryan cabrera or o-town.

the voice project

* peter gabriel
* bedouin soundclash
* gary go
* priscilla ahn
* dawes
* steel train
* brett dennen

- free mp3 remix of "home" by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros with the gulu women's choir

- did you know that edward sharpe accordion player nora kirkpatrick also appears on the abc family series greek? i've compared her two polar opposite looks here