Tuesday, June 22, 2010

vintage flicks #1

do you ever wish you lived in another decade? i'm in love with the 1960s - and i've barely started the mad men box set. the music, clothes, furniture and films are a gas (that's 60s slang for the sh*t, right?!). i know i'm romanticizing the decade - perhaps i've been wooed by my trips to palm springs (1 / 2 / 3). my home and closet are being taken over by midcentury items like a vintage starburst clock, an antique mirrored bar and scarves and baubles a plenty. and lately, i've been watching lots of films from the 60s - you know, the lighthearted ones centered around two or more ridiculous misunderstandings, where the stars of the film also provide the soundtrack. here are three films starring real-life couple/heatherlovesit favourites bobby darin and sandra dee...

come september
rock hudson, gina lollobrigida, sandra dee, bobby darin, walter slezak
  • american millionaire robert talbot (husdon) spends every september at his villa in portofino with his with his one-month-a-year girlfriend lisa fellini (lollobrigida). however this year he arrives unannounced in july and discovers that his head of household, maurice (slezak), has been using the villa as a hotel the rest of the year. talbot demands that the guests - six american teenaged girls and their chaperone - leave immediately. but before he can evict them, the chaperone slips on a champagne cork and injures her back, and talbot is stuck with his guests. then four american college boys arrive at the "hotel" and begin courting the girls. [hilarity ensues]
  • "the bedroom is like a wedding gown; it's bad luck to let the fella see you in it before you marry him"
  • "houses are like women; the older they get, the more paint they need"
  • listen to bobby give the plot details in this vintage recording
  • gina lollobrigida is not just fun to say, she's also the poor man's sophia loren, according to me [love her!] plus, rock hudson is a total stud in this movie

if a man answers
sandra dee, bobby darin, micheline presle, john lund
  • chantal stacey (dee), daughter of a french mother (presle) and an american father (lund), meets and falls in love with commercial photographer eugene wright (darin). they marry, but when eugene begins to take chantal for granted, she turns to her mother for help, who instructs her to train her husband as if he were a dog. eugene responds well enough until he learns of the "dog theory" and attempts to get back at her. [hilarity ensues]
  • "men develop appetites when they are twelve, muscles when they are sixteen and principles only after they are married"
  • bobby talks about his character in this recording

that funny feeling
sandra dee, bobby darin, donald o'connor, nita talbot
  • aspiring actress joan howell (dee), who makes her living as a maid, has a number of accidental encounters with publishing executive tom milford. after one such meeting, she invites him to her apartment, but, ashamed of her tiny place, she borrows the apartment of one of her employers whom she has never seen and believes to be out of town. tom (the employer, who canceled his trip) is surprised when joan takes him back to his own apartment, but he goes along with the ruse. [hilarity ensues]
  • watch a video of bobby singing the theme song here
  • sandra and bobby's last film together
sandra dee & bobby darin trivia
  • dee and darin met in italy filming come september. according to dee, darin showed up in portofino in a ridiculous canary yellow suit and said "hi, i'm bobby darin. you're gonna be my wife." she thought he was abrasive, cocky and insulting, but after awhile, he won her over and when she arrived back in the states after filming, he greeted her with an emerald-cut engagement ring. they married december 1st, 1960 at a friend's home in new jersey at 3am. she was 18, he was 23. they had one son and divorced in 1967.
  • sandra dee was born alexandra zuck and bobby darin was born walden cassotto
  • their son dodd wrote a biography about them called dream lovers
  • the 2004 kevin spacey film beyond the sea is based on their story
  • if you come to my house, expect to see one of the above movie posters shortly - you can buy them at moviegoods
  • if a man answers and that funny feeling are available to rent at videomatica in vancouver and all films are available on netflix for you lucky americans


Beth McAlpine said...

Oh Sandra Dee! Take me to Palm Springs!

Layerstoo said...

Great post...I'm more of a 50's girl.