Friday, June 18, 2010

sunday always comes too late, but friday never hesitate

i don't care if monday's blue
tuesday's gray and wednesday too
thursday i don't care about you
it's friday...
i can't wait for the weekend ... only five more hours, halle-freaking-lujah. speaking of weekends, had the best one last week - trained down to bellingham to see my friend beth, strolled the farmers' market, brunched with a heaping side of world cup soccer, went to target and trader joe's of course (my american musts), drove to vancouver at 2am, sunday brunched with the amazing lavender lattes at cafe medina and lounged at the beach until the tide came up and hit our blanket. ahh, weekends. bring it on. [oh, it's already been broughten]

{ bellingham }

{ vancouver }
[i love that this is down the block]

enjoy your weekend :-)


Johanna said...

Wow, a lavender latte sounds yummy. I love your beach photos. I must come to vancouver some day! :)

heather mccloy said...


you should come visit our lovely city - preferably when it's not raining if you have some pull in the weather dept...