Friday, May 14, 2010

reasons i love palm springs

i went back to palm springs with my friend jenn last week (our first trip to PS was documented here). oh what? three times in eight months? yup, that's how i roll...

since i don't fit the old or gay stereotypes of palm springs, and since everyone asks all the time, i've compiled a list of *why* i like going there. it's very thorough - so thorough i felt the need to add that it's both hot and f-ing hot. plus it seems i'm very partial to the ace hotel, the food and the shopping - quelle surprise.

back in the day, in the golden era of film, actors under contract had to be within two hours of LA in case of last minute shoots. this legendary "two-hour rule" or "100-mile clause" of hollywood studios put palm springs on the map as a perfect escape.




Jennifer said...

My favourite reason for PS is Heather. It's a magical getaway for us big girls, who enjoy $20 cocktails at the Parker Palm and perusing mid-century decor shops. Our impromptu photo shoots are always a high light and lounging by the pool is a welcome way to pass the afternoon away.

tacia said...

oh, how i miss the springs. thanks for reminding me why i love it.

heather said...

obviously my unspoken favourite part is being there with y'all :-)