Monday, May 10, 2010

music monday #4

people often think a good mix should rise & fall, but people are wrong. it should be all rise, baby. now prepare yourselves for an audio journey into the white hot centre of adrenaline. -barney stinson on the perfect mix cd (how i met your mother)

last week i drove from LA to the desert & back, and the key to a good road trip (besides friends, food & roadside attractions) is a good mix. and the key to a good mix is a combination of new songs & surprises that everyone can sing along to. here are a few tracks from my desert mix cd, and some others i've been listening to this week.

[if you prefer an all rise mix - check out barney's "get psyched" playlist here]

king of anything  /  go outside
sara bareilles  /  cults

pull my heart away  /  flashlight
jack peñate  /  castledoor

go do  /  make her say
jónsi  /  kid cudi ft. kanye west & common
vimeo  /  youtube

in the sun  /  we're all in this together
she & him  /  katie herzig

seventeen hands  /  forever young (continued/v.2)
the maccabees  /  bob dylan

bonus #1:
tonight's today
jack peñate
free download-----------..

bonus #2:
time to pretend (mgmt cover)
free download


Johanna said...

I have been trying to figure out that Forever Young version from Parenthood but could not find it until now. Thank-you! Plus I also really like that She and Him video. I am a HUGE Zooey fan!

heather mccloy said...

i know! so good - and how good is parenthood?

The Anthology said...

Yes to Jonsi! Ever since I saw him at Coachella I've had his entire album on repeat. So sad I didn't get the chance to see him in Vancouver too.


julia said...

Castledoor and She and Him! That just made my crazy semester so much better!