Sunday, May 30, 2010

no more itsy bitsy teenie weenie... (part 1)

i've often joked that my personal motto is "keep it clean." sometimes i feel like the unofficial chief of the modesty police. maybe that's why i love this season's trend toward one-piece and retro two-piece bathing suits. i think it's better to leave a little up to the imagination... which must be why i'm including some adorable cover-ups and beachy accessories too!

part one :: retro bikinis and cover-ups

retro bikinis
left to right, top to bottom, low to high: j.crew top & bottom $114 / cuchè @ oliver & lilly's $175 / ave @ anthropologie $176 / juicy couture $179 / rachel pally @ anthropologie $196 / michael kors $265 / diane von furstenberg $295 / prada $395 / oscar de la renta $413

left to right, top to bottom, low to high: roxy $50 / roberta roller rabbit @ piperlime $55 / topshop $70 / topshop $80 / anne pinkerton @ anthropologie $88 / marc by marc jacobs @ shopbop $124 / marimekko $135 / trina turk $179 / antik batik $445

these almost make you want to wear a swimsuit. hmm, what's that? oh just the beach calling my name. thank goodness it's just down the block!

[stay tuned for part two :: one-pieces and accessories]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mirror mirror on the dresser

the next time you're in LA, you must try the pizza at gjelina, my favourite restaurant in venice. it's to die for! (but more on that another time.) while enjoying a margarita pizza and a glass of riesling before heading to LAX recently, i fell in love with the restaurant's patinated mirrored bar. since i don't see a custom mirrored bar in my near future, i can tide myself over with some fabulous mirrored furniture in the meantime.

it may require a little saving up, but mirrored furniture is within your - and my - reach. if you live in a small space like me, this is a great option because mirrored pieces occupy less visual space in the room. by creating the illusion of depth, they enlarge the perception of space (wow that's a mouthful). plus, just like wall mirrors, they reflect light. 

my picks for budget & splurge-worthy pieces

under $500
left to right, top to bottom: west elm faceted mirror side table $200 / target mirrored tray $30 / the cross beveled mirror frame $40 / pier 1 imports hayworth bedside chest $350 / the cross deco mirrored cube $395 / pier 1 imports hayworth nightstand $200 / urban barn reflection console table $470 / target accent table $90

over $500 and then some
left to right, top to bottom: the cross jonathan console table $2,850 / inside avenue mirror side table $1,300 / horchow hannah mirrored chest $1,000 / the cross curved leg mirrored console $675 / graham & green 50s style mirrored chest of drawers £900 / parliament hand cut mirror panel $2,000 / pottery barn park mirrored dresser $800 / abc carpet & home ercole ornella nightstand price upon request

where to buy

* chintz & company
* the cross
* parliament
* urban barn

online and/or usa
* target
* pier 1 imports
* west elm
* pottery barn
* horchow
* inside avenue
* tanya's
* venfield
* graham & green

DIY: my handy-factor extends about as far as a paintbrush, a screwdriver and a hammer, but if you've got the time and the skills, you could spruce up a thrift store gem with a custom mirrored top. summer project!

Friday, May 14, 2010

reasons i love palm springs

i went back to palm springs with my friend jenn last week (our first trip to PS was documented here). oh what? three times in eight months? yup, that's how i roll...

since i don't fit the old or gay stereotypes of palm springs, and since everyone asks all the time, i've compiled a list of *why* i like going there. it's very thorough - so thorough i felt the need to add that it's both hot and f-ing hot. plus it seems i'm very partial to the ace hotel, the food and the shopping - quelle surprise.

back in the day, in the golden era of film, actors under contract had to be within two hours of LA in case of last minute shoots. this legendary "two-hour rule" or "100-mile clause" of hollywood studios put palm springs on the map as a perfect escape.



Monday, May 10, 2010

music monday #4

people often think a good mix should rise & fall, but people are wrong. it should be all rise, baby. now prepare yourselves for an audio journey into the white hot centre of adrenaline. -barney stinson on the perfect mix cd (how i met your mother)

last week i drove from LA to the desert & back, and the key to a good road trip (besides friends, food & roadside attractions) is a good mix. and the key to a good mix is a combination of new songs & surprises that everyone can sing along to. here are a few tracks from my desert mix cd, and some others i've been listening to this week.

[if you prefer an all rise mix - check out barney's "get psyched" playlist here]

king of anything  /  go outside
sara bareilles  /  cults

pull my heart away  /  flashlight
jack peñate  /  castledoor

go do  /  make her say
jónsi  /  kid cudi ft. kanye west & common
vimeo  /  youtube

in the sun  /  we're all in this together
she & him  /  katie herzig

seventeen hands  /  forever young (continued/v.2)
the maccabees  /  bob dylan

bonus #1:
tonight's today
jack peñate
free download-----------..

bonus #2:
time to pretend (mgmt cover)
free download