Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i'm ready for my close-up

"it’s on air not because it’s done, but because it’s time" - lorne michaels on SNL

you can debate the quality of the jokes, but you can't deny the quality of the portraits. one of my favourite parts of saturday night live is the weekly host photos taken by entertainment photographer mary ellen matthews. if i were an actor, i'd host the show just for the photographs.

here are just a few of my favourites...

which ones are your faves?

mary ellen matthews has been taking the saturday night live "photo bumpers" since 1999, but she's been part of the SNL team since 1993. besides taking the weekly host photos, she creates a stylized look for each season. she also took photos for tina fey, kate hudson and liv tyler's weddings, and at one point toured with aerosmith. [she's so rock and roll - i bet she has great stories. i want to hang out with her at her place in east hampton and drink whiskey sours - i know, it's a specific dream, but i'm just putting it out there - into the world wide web. you never know ;-)]

** for more amazing saturday night live photos, click here and here.
** to find out more about the photographer, click here and here.

UPDATE: "live from new york: a decade of portraits" is on display may 10-august 3 at the john varvatos store on bowery (between bleecker and east 2nd). talk about timing!


Anonymous said...

i am so with you! i've always loved the portraits! i'm so glad i know the name of the photographer, i'd love to check out some of her work!


The Anthology said...

They are incredible portraits, aren't they? And I love the specificity of your dream. You never know -- it might come true.


trish said...

when is the coffee table book coming out? when can i get my photoshoot with her?

thedivinemissh said...

I really and i mean really want my photo taken by her! Everytime I watch SNL, I always, without fail, say I love the photos!

tacia said...

and did you love betty white's photos from last week. amazing.