Friday, April 30, 2010

searching for my golden ticket

i'm off to the desert again with a friend this weekend. and since i'm the palest shade of pale, i'll need to go heavy on the sunscreen. pale may be having its 15 minutes thanks to vampire mania, but when i'm not channeling the cullens or lying by the pool in palm springs, i opt for self tanner.

if a drugstore is like a chocolate factory, just call me charlie (roll with me here). i'm always trying a new self-tanning product in the vain hope that maybe, just maybe, i'll find that golden ticket product. sadly, i'm often disappointed.

take, for example, the moisturizer/tanner trend. it still smells bad, streaks and it's not all that moisturizing. but what about all those mischa barton neutrogena ads that were everywhere telling me it was, like, the best thing ever? (you know ... before her stint in the psych ward for "exhaustion" or "mercury poisoning" or whatever the kids are calling it these days.) why would i take her tanning moisturizer advice in the first place? it's not like she doesn't get a spray tan an hour before her shoot. for that matter, why would i buy something just because a celebrity endorses it at all? oh right - cuz i'm a sucker. but i digress...

maybe not everyone shares my high sunless tanner expectations, but let's keep in mind that i'm fair, so everything shows up. and when i say fair i mean,

salesgirl: hmm, i think this shade of foundation is too dark
me: no worries, let's go lighter
salesgirl: that's the lightest shade

i wonder if sweden exports cosmetics? are there special cosmetics for really really white people, like there are for asians, east indians, etc? or is that just every other brand? but i digress...

the product i've had the most luck with in the past is clarins, but it's better suited to someone with a medium skin tone. i found a great product that i've been using all year. this product will have you looking golden faster than you can say "skin cancer".

i-bronze self-tanning cloths by marcelle come in three types: fair to medium, medium to dark and sun-kissed glow moisturizing cloths (see? we still can't get away from the moisturizing trend). bonus: they're hypo-allergenic and perfume free. the cloths cost around $1/cloth. similar products are made by l'oreal and tantowel for about $2/cloth, as well as kate somerville at sephora for $6/cloth.

how to
i usually apply before bed. think about applying self tanner like applying nail polish; never go to sleep immediately after application or it'll crease. wait at least 15 minutes. and don't forget to wash your hands, because that would be so 1998. and in my experience, there's no such thing as too much blending.

look like linds
i haven't received a press release on the "look-like-mischa miracle face lotion" yet, but i've spotted lindsay lohan's tanning mist on sephora. so now you can have a "lotan" just like lindsay. i think that's my cue to stop.

*vintage beauty blog post

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i'm ready for my close-up

"it’s on air not because it’s done, but because it’s time" - lorne michaels on SNL

you can debate the quality of the jokes, but you can't deny the quality of the portraits. one of my favourite parts of saturday night live is the weekly host photos taken by entertainment photographer mary ellen matthews. if i were an actor, i'd host the show just for the photographs.

here are just a few of my favourites...

which ones are your faves?

mary ellen matthews has been taking the saturday night live "photo bumpers" since 1999, but she's been part of the SNL team since 1993. besides taking the weekly host photos, she creates a stylized look for each season. she also took photos for tina fey, kate hudson and liv tyler's weddings, and at one point toured with aerosmith. [she's so rock and roll - i bet she has great stories. i want to hang out with her at her place in east hampton and drink whiskey sours - i know, it's a specific dream, but i'm just putting it out there - into the world wide web. you never know ;-)]

** for more amazing saturday night live photos, click here and here.
** to find out more about the photographer, click here and here.

UPDATE: "live from new york: a decade of portraits" is on display may 10-august 3 at the john varvatos store on bowery (between bleecker and east 2nd). talk about timing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

who gives a **** about an oxford comma?

there were photos online this week of katie holmes trotting around new york in camel and black oxfords (above). fancy that, since i bought the exact same camel pair this week! ok, so hers are probably chloe and mine are gravity pope, but still... someone got a better deal (ps. it was me!)

how to wear: with everything. they look especially cute with rolled-up BF jeans, skinnies, short dresses or skirts (with or without tights). try to balance the menswear look with something feminine.

i'm going to keep this category a little loose, so call them what you will: oxfords, brogues, wingtips, derbys, spectators, jazz shoes... they're all cute.

:: LOW ::

franco sarto  //  steven  //  jeffrey campbell
henley  //  jezebell  //  uniform
$79  //  $100  //  $115

lucky penny  //  sam edelman  //  boutique 9
felidae  //  cory  //  ronnie
$118  //  $129  //  $130

sam edelman  //  gravity pope  //  joie
evie  //  toe cap flat heel  //  louie louie
$148  //  $155  //  $198

:: MID ::

dieppa restrepo  //  j.crew  //  pour la victoire
breezy cali  //  camden leather brogues  //  colbi
$232  //  $250  //  $254

:: HIGH ::

moschino cheap & chic  //  american retro  //  co-op barneys new york
henry  //  max derby  //  uma
$300  //  $310  //  $315

burberry  //  opening ceremony  //  church's
tumbled leather brogues  //  gladiator oxford  //  classic burwood brogues
$375  //  $415  //  $425

co-op barney's new york  //  repetto  //  jil sander
laser-cut oxford  //  rodarte marbled ziti  //  leather mesh brogues
$430  //  $455  //  $545

christian louboutin
fred leather lace-ups patent  //  glitter

[i die for this last pair of louboutins!]

*** april 12 update: talk about timing! check out today's trendcentral newsletter: oxford circus

i love the ones by this etsy seller and the ones by osborn.