Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a well-dressed man

"suit up!" - barney stinson

you're going to have to forgive me for this one - it's all about designer manccessories. you're also going to have to forgive me for putting the word "man" in front of everything: manscaping, mandals, manpurse... (i wanted to say murse, but can anyone definitively say if that's a male nurse or a man purse? SO confusing.)

i've seen a few man celebrities (see?! just jokes.) wearing burberry ties lately. the iconic burberry plaid in more subtle, subdued tones. a couple nights ago i was telling my brother-in-law that he MUST get one, and later that night i was watching how i met your mother and there was neil patrick harris ... in a burberry tie (see image above). this post was clearly pre-ordained.

my favourite tie at the moment:

new check silk tie

and since we're talking ties, we may as well talk scarves...


and since we're talking scarves, we're sure as hell going to talk sunnies...

and since we're talking sunnies, we can't forget snoods...

["oh no wait a minute, don't go there cuz i ain't wit it." what on earth is a snood? traditionally, it's a close-fitting hood like a hairnet or religious head covering. in this case, the term, repurposed by burberry for fall/winter 2009, refers to a circular/continuous scarf. fashion wire daily reported that they were so hot on the runway last year in milan that over a dozen models pinched theirs after the show. even the wall street journal got in on the trend, asking: can the snood save christmas?]

cable knit snood---------------------check snood

there are even more amazing ties & manccessories here on the uk site. oh and this is by no means the last time burberry or menswear will come up. but i promise next time i'll post more pictures of male models. the pretty, girly ones...

[final thought: did you catch my earlier lyrical reference to the dangerous minds soundtrack?]

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