Monday, February 1, 2010

music monday #1

without me, many of my friends & family wouldn't know their dixie chicks from their dixie cups, their fleet foxes from their fleet week (ahoy!), or their vampire weekend from their vampire diaries... [i could pun on and on]

role play! here are a few examples of how music suggestions would go down between me & them:

me: band of horses?----------them: "but horses can't play instruments!"
me: bishop allen?-------------them: "i'm not catholic."
me: black kids?----------------them: "um, you mean african-american kids?"
me: m.i.a?----------------------them: "why, is someone missing?"

so, in the spirit of year-round giving, i thought i'd share a few with you too.

10 songs i'm listening to right now
moth's wings // santa monica
passion pit // jay malinowski
myspace / web // myspace / vimeo

adventures in solitude // freezing
the new pornographers // mozella / itunes // myspace / web

wait it out // dominos
imogen heap // the big pink
myspace / // myspace / youtube

mama said // who i am
the shirelles // nick jonas & the administration / itunes // myspace / itunes

after afterall // god gave me you
william fitzsimmons // dave barnes
myspace / web // myspace / web

*all songs available on itunes

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