Monday, February 8, 2010

music monday #2

my weekend: two baby showers in two days.

no games were played, but cupcakes were consumed and va%$#as were discussed. my woman clock started overheating over tiny onesies like my car in a border lineup, but it cooled right down over talk of uh, stretching, uh, somewhere? and one woman's story of walking around in just an unhooked breast-feeding bra and underwear for weeks on end. one adorable thing we did at shower #1 was each write a note to future baby T to be opened on her birthday for the next 19 years. i got age fifteen, and i may or may not have mentioned flying cars and the song "fifteen" by taylor swift. i mean, t-swizzle's got some good advice. that joe jonas did a number on her. ok but seriously, taylor swift aside...

here are this week's 10 music picks
devil town // son of your father
tony lucca // elton john

the walls are coming down // fears
fanfarlo // zach williams

hello hurricane // don't stop believin'
switchfoot // glee

west coast // the chain
coconut records // ingrid michaelson

fifth tambourine // hallelujah, i love her so
castledoor // ray charles

*all songs available on itunes

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