Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a little red satin just in time for v-day

amalgamation: [noun] the action, process or result of combining or uniting.

remember when you used to put a definition into your essays, as though your teacher didn't know what something meant? i mean really ... what we were doing other than adding to the word count? oh and i can only assume you did this too, otherwise i probably sound like i was a total moron with a poor grasp on writing. the moral of the story - and the definition - is that i'm moving the ol' beauty blog over here. seriously ... why get lost trying to find me all over the internet (almost as though you were looking ... all 10 of you)? so let's call this post "vintage" or "recycled" because that doesn't sound as bad as "used".

lip trick/tip...
toss that long-last lipstick. not only is it drying, but it probably doesn't last all day. what's the fuss about reapplying, anyway? go for a moisturizing lipstick - especially at this time of year. look for words like "satin," "cream" or "shine" on the tube.

steal - maybelline new york "moisture extreme" $4.50 USD website
splurge - stila "spf 20 shine lip colour" $22 USD website

if you must go matte, apply a generous amount of balm first, apply the lipstick and then top it with some clear, unsticky gloss. mmmouah!

a few favourites...

fragrance :: "l de lolita lempicka"
oriental parfum with notes of bitter orange, cinnamon, immortal flower, vanilla, precious woods, solar notes and musks. for the nights you feel a little musky. wait, that came out wrong. do over: for the nights you feel a little mysterious. and it has such pretty beachy packaging! website

cheeks :: cargo beachblush
i use this product as both bronzer & blush. it's the perfect winter/fair-skinned pick-me-up. website

gloss :: philosophy very emollient lip balm in "kiss me pink"
yummy peppermint taste and smooth consistency. my sister makes fun of me because this is my "treadmill gloss". but you need something on hand when you're exercising. it's not worth breaking your rhythm over dry lips. website

when you google "lipstick" this is what comes up. good times living in 2010.

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trish said...

i think treadmill gloss could be a new area for cosmetic companies :)

agree on the long-lasting lipstick front, gets weird on the lips, re-applying during day is much better and fresher.