Sunday, June 28, 2009

i'm moving this week - it's a pain. you know what isn't a pain? picnics!

party in the park :: vancouver, BC

  • check out the new coconut records music video featuring nicki grant. i sevigny :: any fun
  • i'm watching milk right now (incredible story/film) and making ice cream cake. coincidence? i think yes. here's the recipe (i'm using oreos & low-fat strawberry breyers) :: martha stewart
  • i made a pretty desktop background last night :: download here
  • if you followed the drama, you'll love this video ::
  • hey coffee lovers (like moi), next time you're in LA, check out the cool new intelligentsia in venice :: la times / intelli blog
  • new music i'm loving :: phoenix / mat kearney / regina spektor / castledoor
i leave you with this quote...
"fashion costs money, but style is free"

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