Friday, November 16, 2007

fun on a friday

i think the reason i post at the end of the week is that i need to get rid of all my firefox tabs (currently open: 29). friday is "give the macbook a break" day.

this week's links:
  • lose something on the street? you could find it online (or just have fun looking).
  • one of my favourite online reads covers the best online videos this week. "Well hello" ... this one is a big hit.
  • check out the 25 most baffling toys from around the world.
  • write a letter to your future self ... to be sent to you sometime in the future. (via)
  • attention typography nerds... free fonts here. (via)
  • book of the week: early bird
  • album of the week: sara bareilles "little voice"
  • blog of the week: still searching
  • drink of the week: sometimes there's nothing better than a pot of french press coffee and a weekend paper (preferably the globe or if i score it free the nytimes). my new favourite is victoria-based level ground trading fair trade coffee.
this weekend i'm looking forward to apres-work with the girls and sunday church + art with andrea & kady.

and in a week? a little of this...

speaking of las vegas, i'm not ashamed to admit that i was really hoping to go see a new day for the past three years. i finally manage to book a trip during the last two weeks of celine's run. when tickets are completely sold out/mine for the price of $1,000 ... not gonna happen. so this week i see that tickets to her world tour go on sale saturday. for a show in fall 2008. which i can purchase for between $63 and $520. "what the fudge?" (as jd said last night on scrubs).

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